Green lamp
Extraordinary combination of a lamp and a flower pot, in which you can plant whatever you desire. You lend the character to the lamp, which evolves every day with the growing plant. The play of light and shadow changes with the form and growth of the plant. Unique lamp surprises you every day and is a great companion in joys and little sorrows. We managed to join two completely different elements. Inanimate object livened up, the plant acquired new characteristics. It turned out they suit so well to each other that they became inseparable. Taking care of the plant we get closer to the nature. We treat better the environment, our relatives and ourselves. After a while the green lamp gets so close to the heart that it almost becomes a family member.

Zuzanna Malinowska/SIESTA

Graduated with honors from the Faculty of Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Cooperated with numerous studios but eventually choose independent career. Actively designs products and graphics. A skiing instructor. She loves traveling – the most distant places she reached are India and Nepal. Together with Marcin Wroński creates SIESTA, a brand which shares their joys and values: appreciation of what you have, seizing the moment, slowing down and peace. Siesta believes that beautiful and functional projects positively influence the life. As minimalists they reckon that excess of objects limits one's freedom. They love objects that have stories. Not any story, a good story, your story. Siesta – share the love.