Shelf is an alternative for traditional store furniture. To install the shelf one need only a piece of wall and few material bags. You attach the bag with the magnet clip to the wooden slat with metal interior. User-friendly assembly, needs little space, easily transportable. You can arrange it in many different ways and always change its looks – you just need only a little bit of fantasy.

More Handsome

Dorota and Maciek met at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw while studying design. First there was love, some time later, because it was impossible not to – they started designing together. They love making furniture pieces but they also work in exhibition, interior and product design professionally. They exhibited their products in numerous exhibitions (DMY, Biennale Saint Ettienne, Arena Design, Stockholm Furniture Fair). Once during design workshops, while working together, one of them noticed: 'We are like Ray and Charles...', the other finished: ...'but more handsome'.