Structural ornamentProject is about searching contemporary ornament which at the same time acts as structural material from which an object is made. Such ornament arises on the verge of order and chaos, mathematic calculation and chance, but once achieved, it may serve to shape any object you like. Structural ornament is generated by a purpose-made software that takes into account the shape of a desired object, loads and pressures therein and adds a component of chance so that the structure obtained, while functional, is different each and every time and not entirely foreseeable. software developed with Michał Piasecki.

Małgorzata Mozolewska

Repeatedly awarded in design competitions, she presented her work in numerous exhibitions, both at home and abroad (e.g. Warsaw, Łódź, Holon, Berlin, Saint-Étienne). Participated in a number of design workshops (New Folk Design, NCKU Taiwan, Polish-Israeli Good Things project, among others) and held her own workshops (for the National Museum in Warsaw). In her design work Małgorzata always seems to seek for some answers to intellectual issues, such as the place of design within culture, art, literature and history. Now works at Marcel Wanders Studio in Amsterdam.